Discover the versatility of grey tiles in interior design

Grey is a colour that never ceases to seduce interior designers and decorators. When it comes to tiles, it offers incomparable versatility, allowing you to create a multitude of moods, from minimalist style to vintage looks. Here's a look at the versatility of grey tiles in interior design.

What are the advantages of the versatility of grey tiles?

Grey tiles are a flooring choice whose versatility offers many advantages.

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A range of shades

Grey tiles come in an infinite range of shades, from deep anthracite to light, almost white. This variety allows you to play with light and volume to create an impression of space or depth. For more details, see the information from this source.

Formats and textures to suit all tastes

Grey tiles also come in a wide variety of formats and textures. XXL tiles for a glossy look, standard format tiles for a classic style, or patterned tiles for a dose of originality.

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An asset in every room

Grey tiles are suitable for every room in the house. It's ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its resistance to water and stains. In the living room, it creates a pleasant living environment.

An easy match

Grey is a neutral colour that goes with everything. It can be combined with warm colours for a cocooning ambience, with cool colours for a contemporary look, or with bright colours for a touch of energy.

Easy to maintain

Grey tiles are easy to maintain. It requires very little maintenance and is scratch and impact resistant.

Using grey tiles in different spaces

With the right creative and strategic use of grey tiles, every space in your home can be transformed into a beautiful and functional place.


Grey tiles are an ideal choice for the kitchen. Its resistance to water and stains makes it a practical and hygienic floor covering. For a modern, minimalist look, choose large format anthracite grey tiles. For a more traditional feel, choose light grey tiles with a stone look.

In the bathroom

Grey tiles are also an excellent choice for the bathroom. It's waterproof and easy to clean, making it virtually ideal for wet areas. For a relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, combine grey tiles with white or blue tones. For a special atmosphere, choose patterned grey tiles.

Living room

Grey tiles can also be used in the living room to create an elegant, modern ambience. Large-format light grey tiles enhance the beauty of the space by making it more fashionable. Those looking for a warm ambience can combine grey tiles with materials such as wood or metal.

The bedroom

Grey tiles can also be used in the bedroom to create a soft, cosy environment. Large format light grey tiles are perfectly suited to this function. For a more cocooning atmosphere, combine grey tiles with soft, plush textiles.

In a nutshell

Grey tiles are a justified choice for those looking for a floor covering that is elegant, versatile and easy to maintain. It's a real chameleon, adapting to every style and every taste.

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