Innovation in hatchery automation with Ecat-iD

In the constantly evolving poultry industry, automation plays a fundamental role in optimising efficiency and productivity. Ecat-iD stands out as a world leader in this field, offering innovative solutions that revolutionise the hatching process. Find out more about innovation in hatchery automation.

Automation: driving progress in the poultry industry

Hatchery automation has undergone a remarkable evolution in recent years, driven by technological advances. Ecat-iD drives hatchery innovation with cutting-edge automation technologies. Improved systems now make it possible to precisely control and manage all the parameters critical to egg hatching, from temperature and humidity to ventilation and egg handling.

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Ecat-iD: innovation for excellence

Ecat-iD is at the forefront of innovation in hatchery automation. One of its major achievements has been the development of cutting-edge in ovo injection systems. This technology enables vaccines and nutrients to be injected directly into the egg before hatching, guaranteeing better chick health and growth.

A positive impact at every level

One of the main benefits of hatchery automation provided by Ecat-iD solutions is the significant improvement in the precision and reliability of the hatching process. The technological systems developed by the company allow precise control of the environmental factors essential for optimum embryo development.

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Ecat-iDint equipment incorporates the latest generation of sensors and regulators to maintain the temperature and humidity levels in the incubators at the ideal level, according to the specific needs of the eggs being incubated. This fine-tuning of environmental conditions avoids sudden variations that could harm the hatching process.

Thanks to a real-time monitoring system, breeders can track changes in key indicators such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and oxygenation remotely. This means they can intervene quickly to restore optimum conditions.

Greater precision and reliability in the hatching process

The automation of hatcheries using Ecat-iD's technological solutions has made it possible to achieve unprecedented levels of precision and reliability in the hatching process. The systems developed by the company guarantee optimum environmental conditions for the optimal development of the embryos, considerably reducing losses and significantly improving hatching rates.

The heart of the system is based on state-of-the-art sensors that continuously measure the main environmental factors essential to incubation, such as temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration. These data are constantly analysed and compared with reference thresholds for each stage of embryonic development.

Based on the real-time measurements, the Ecat-iD equipment automatically adjusts the parameters of the incubation environment. Heating, cooling, humidification and ventilation systems are activated autonomously to maintain optimum conditions, with remarkable precision.

Many operations previously carried out manually, such as returning eggs, sorting and sexing chicks, are now automated. These tedious, time-consuming tasks are handled reliably and consistently by Ecat-iD equipment, freeing up employees to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

Thanks to real-time monitoring of key parameters and automatic adjustments, Ecat-iD's solutions enable optimum use to be made of the resources essential to the smooth running of the incubation process: energy, water, chemicals, etc. This efficient management of inputs translates into significant savings in operating costs.

The automation of repetitive tasks, combined with precise regulation of incubation conditions, means that hatchery production rates can be increased considerably. As a result, farmers can process a greater volume of eggs without having to increase their workforce or infrastructure disproportionately.

Reduced labour costs The automation of operations leads to a significant reduction in labour requirements, particularly for the most time-consuming tasks. Breeders can therefore reduce their labour costs while optimising the productivity of their hatchery.

Improved animal welfare

In addition to the benefits in terms of productivity and profitability, the hatchery automation provided by Ecat-iD solutions also has a significant positive impact on poultry welfare.

The environmental control systems developed by Ecat-iD enable optimum conditions to be maintained in incubators and hatcheries, in terms of temperature, humidity, ventilation and lighting. This stability of critical parameters creates a serene environment conducive to the healthy development of embryos and chicks.

This attention to poultry welfare is a major challenge for the modern poultry industry, in the face of growing consumer demand for products produced in a way that respects animal welfare. Ecat-iD's technological innovations enable hatcheries to meet these expectations while improving their overall performance.

Superior product quality

The optimum incubation conditions guaranteed by Ecat-iD systems considerably reduce the risk of malformations, fragility or disease in the chicks. Thanks to a stable, stress-free environment, the chicks are born healthier and more vigorous.

The accumulated vitality of the newborn chicks also translates into better growth and development performance. Chicks from hatcheries equipped with Ecat-iD solutions reach their market size and weight more quickly, while maintaining excellent physical condition.

The superior quality of the chicks has a direct impact on the final poultry products, whether eggs or meat. They have better organoleptic characteristics, with a texture, flavour and appearance that are more appreciated by consumers.

Testimonials confirm excellence

Numerous hatcheries around the world have already adopted Ecat-iD solutions, and can testify to the significant benefits:

  • "Since we installed the Ecat-iD systems, we have seen a 20% reduction in our hatching losses and a 15% increase in our productivity," says Mr Dupont, manager of an industrial hatchery in France.
  • "The well-being of our animals is an absolute priority for us. The Ecat-iD solutions enable us to offer them an optimum environment for their development", emphasises Mrs Dubois, a layer breeder in Belgium.


The automation of hatcheries with Ecat-iD paves the way for an even more efficient future for the poultry industry. The company continues to invest in research and development to offer ever more innovative and efficient solutions.

If you are looking for solutions to optimise your hatchery and improve your performance, don't hesitate to explore Ecat-iD's innovative solutions. Their expertise and know-how will help you reach new heights in efficiency, productivity and animal welfare.

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