What are the essential French spices you can find online ?

French cuisine is so popular around the world largely because of the spices used in its preparation. If you want to cook French food, you need to research its ingredients. To help you choose, this article presents the essential French spices that you can find online.

The basic spices of French cuisine

It's essential to know the basic spices of French cuisine before you start looking for them. In French cuisine, two spices play a fundamental role: salt and pepper.

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They are omnipresent in virtually every dish, adding depth and balance to the flavours. Salt, used sparingly, enhances the natural flavours of ingredients while balancing sweetness and acidity. Pepper, meanwhile, adds a note of heat and subtle spiciness, delicately spicing up dishes. You can find them in online grocery shops, by checking via this link for example.

As well as these, you can also find herbes de Provence, a blend of aromatic herbs emblematic of the south of France. They are generally made up of thyme, rosemary, savory, basil and marjoram, and offer a characteristically fragrant bouquet. When used, they add a touch of freshness, aromatic complexity and Mediterranean authenticity.

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French regional spices

Some of France's regional spices have also become staples of French cuisine. These regional ingredients bring a distinctive dimension to local cuisines across the country. Saffron, for example, is a precious spice that originated in the Quercy region. It is known for its rich, slightly sweet flavour and subtle notes of hay. You can use it to flavour and colour emblematic French dishes such as bouillabaisse, paella and risotto.

Espelette chilli pepper, meanwhile, originates from the Basque country and is famous for its mild heat and delicate flavour. Unlike hot peppers, Espelette adds a subtle heat and fruity aroma to dishes without overwhelming them with spiciness. Traditionally dried and ground, it is often used in Basque cuisine to season meat and fish dishes, and even desserts. You can also find these two regional French spices in many online grocery shops.

Aromatic spices for classic French dishes

In French cuisine, aromatic spices are also essential. They are used to add distinctive flavours and delicate aromas to many classic dishes. Nutmeg is a good example of an essential aromatic spice.

You can look for it in online grocery shops if you're preparing creamy dishes such as b├ęchamel, gratins and quiche lorraine. Its warm, woody aroma will add a subtle yet distinctive dimension to dishes, creating a memorable taste experience for diners.

Spices for exotic French dishes

French gastronomy is so rich and varied because it has benefited from exotic culinary influences. This external input has led to the adoption of exotic spices such as curry and ginger in certain regional dishes.

Curry, although of foreign origin, has become a staple of French cuisine, particularly in Creole dishes from overseas regions. Its complex blend of spices brings a unique depth of flavour to dishes, adding an exotic and delicious touch to every bite.

Ginger adds a fresh, piquant flavour to dishes. So if you're thinking of cooking French cuisine, you can adopt them too. By incorporating these exotic spices into your French dishes, you can explore new flavours that will delight your guests' taste buds.

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